Academic Catalog

Chapter I - Provisions

Sec. 1.1 CODE DEADLINES. If this code is enacted after any of the enclosed deadlines, such deadlines shall be immediately due, and the Election Supervisory Board shall meet those deadlines with all deliberate speed.

Sec. 1.2 CODE REFERENCES. Pursuant to Section 5.44 of the Student Government Constitution, this act shall be referred to and cited as the “Student Government Election Code”, “Election Code”, or the “Code.”

Sec. 1.3 ENACTMENT. TITLE III shall only apply to campus-wide elections of the Student Government at the University of Texas at Austin.

Sec. 1.4 APPLICATION. A copy of this election code, the Student Government Constitution, and the Student Government Code of Rules and Procedures shall be made available to each candidate no later than the time of the candidate’s filing to run for office in the Student Government Office (SAC 2.102).

Sec. 1.5 AVAILABILITY. Any student may receive a full copy of this election code at any time.