Academic Catalog

Chapter II - Definitions

Sec. 2.1 INCORPORATION OF DEFINITIONS. All definitions in TITLE II, Article II of this Code are incorporated into this article of TITLE III as if set forth in-full.

Sec. 2.2 “APPELLATE COURT" refers to the Supreme Court, as empowered by Article 5.3 of the Student Government Constitution to serve as the court holding the appellate jurisdiction over all campus-wide Student Government elections.

Sec. 2.3 “CAMPAIGN STAFF” refers to any and all individuals coordinating with a candidate, including, but not limited to, all agents and workers.

Sec. 2.4 “ENDORSEMENT” and “ENDORSING” refer to any form of communication expressing support for a candidate by a party other than the candidate.

Sec. 2.5 “EXECUTIVE ALLIANCE” refers to collaborative campaign plan or activity between a presidential and vice presidential candidate.

  1. Only individuals filed as an executive alliance are allowed to collaborate, endorse, or otherwise share resources with each other.
  2. No other candidate is permitted to engage in written or verbal endorsement, collaboration, financial, or other tangible support for any other candidate(s) or their respective campaign staff in any campus-wide election.

Sec. 2.6 “GENERAL ELECTION” refers to the annual election of Student Government officers; which shall be held on the Wednesday and Thursday of the week two weeks prior to the start of the University’s spring break.

Sec. 2.7 “REGULATORY BODIES” include the Election Supervisory Board and all other administrative bodies of the election process.

Sec. 2.8 “RUNOFF ELECTION” refers to all secondary elections held to resolve races not initially determined by a general or special election as specified in Article 6.5 of the Student Government Constitution.

Sec. 2.9 “SPECIAL ELECTION” refers to an election called by the Student Government President, as specified in Article VI, Sec. 6.5-6.6 of the Student Government Constitution.

Sec. 2.10 “STUDENT GOVERNMENT” refers to the student government association of the University as recognized in Rule 50203 of the Texas Board of Regents Rules and established within the Student Government Constitution.

Sec. 2.11 “WORKER” further refers to any person that contributes time, effort, or service for the purposes of supporting or furthering a candidacy in which they coordinate with a candidate or member of a candidate’s campaign staff.

  1. Social media updates, statuses and/or profile picture changes do not constitute time, effort or services as defined by the definition of worker immediately above.