Academic Catalog

Chapter V: Election Timeline and Provisions


5.01 The General Election shall be held on two (2) consecutive weekdays two weeks prior to the start of the University’s Spring Break. Runoff elections will be held on two consecutive weekdays in the following week.

5.02 No changes to the Election Code may be enacted within four (4) weeks of the General Election.

5.03 Each Executive alliance will be given fifteen (15) minutes to speak with ten (10) minutes for questions.

5.04 Each student may cast one (1) vote for an Executive alliance.

5.05 Election results shall be certified in accordance with the GSA Constitution.

5.06 No potential voter may be specifically excluded from casting a vote at any polling location.

5.07 No candidate, agent, or worker may exchange anything of value, excluding campaign material, in return for guarantee of vote.

5.08 The Election Supervisory Board must coordinate with Services for Students with Disabilities in the Office of the Dean of Students, or other appropriate office, to ensure that at least one polling location is accessible to students with disabilities.

5.09 Candidate information on the ballots shall include the candidate's name, position sought, and other information pertinent to voting procedure.

5.10 Any change in the election process or this Code shall be presented before the Assembly, and shall be implemented following approval of the Assembly.

5.11 The final vote tabulation shall be under the supervision of the Election Supervisory Board. No candidate for any Graduate Student Assembly office or position shall participate in vote tabulation.

5.12 The Election Supervisory Board shall annually determine the process by which the election is held and make recommendations to the GSA assembly on potential changes to the election code.