Academic Catalog

Chapter IV: Campaign Provisions and Procedures



4.01 Candidates in all Graduate Student Assembly Campus-Wide elections shall adhere to the following spending limit for Executive Alliances: $750 in any general election or special election

4.02 Candidates and executive alliances shall be allowed an additional $250 each for campaigning in a runoff election.

4.03 Candidates who spend 20% or more over their designated spending limit shall be disqualified, unless extenuating circumstances can be documented.

4.04 Any candidate who amasses more than 20% of their designated spending limit in fines shall have committed a Class D Violation and shall immediately be disqualified by the Election Supervisory Board.

4.05 "Total expenditures" includes all campaign expenditures and fines issued by the Election Supervisory Board or the Election Supervisory Board.


4.06 No campaigning or endorsing (as defined in Title II, Chapter II) will be allowed until the official campaign period has begun as determined by the Election Supervisory Board.

4.07 A sample of all campaign materials must be filed with the Election Supervisory Board prior to its public distribution or posting.

4.08 All Campaign Materials must be in compliance with University regulations governing the use of electronic media.

4.09 No candidate, agents or workers shall remove, obscure, or damage any sign, which is in compliance with the posting policies of that locale.

4.10 Candidates shall refrain from knowingly deceptive or misleading campaign activities, including any act or statement reasonably calculated to injure or compromise the rights or interests of any member of the university community.

4.11 Candidates, as well as their agents and workers, shall not engage in campaigning activities that subject members of the University community to demeaning verbal harassment as determined by the Election Supervisory Board.

4.12 Reasonable latitude will be allowed by the Election Supervisory Board to electioneering activities during the campaigning process, as long as those activities are in line with those specified within this Code, the General Information Catalogs, and in accordance with University policy. Any activity that is not expressly allowed within these boundaries is hereby expressly denied, except by clear and distinct ruling by the Election Supervisory Board prior to commission of the activity.

4.13 Members of the Election Supervisory Board or GSA Election Oversight Board may not endorse or campaign for any candidate.