Academic Catalog

Article VII: Removal

Sec. 7.1 QUALIFICATIONS FOR REMOVAL FROM OFFICE. Officers of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches may be impeached and removed from office for a material failure to fulfill the duties and responsibilities mandated in this Constitution.

Sec. 7.2 SPONSORSHIP REQUIREMENTS OR IMPEACHMENT LEGISLATION. Impeachment legislation must be sponsored by a voting member of the Assembly.

Sec. 7.3 REMOVAL PROCEEDINGS. In the event of impeachment, removal hearings shall take place in the next meeting of the Assembly as the first order of business. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall preside at such hearings unless the Chief Justice is the subject of the hearing; in which case the rules of procedure of the Supreme Court shall determine the presiding officer. A three-fourths (3/4) majority vote of representatives shall be necessary for removal.

Sec. 7.4 OPEN REMOVAL PROCEEDINGS. Removal hearings shall be open to the public.